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Melissa Ebbers, PharmD


Melissa is a co-owner, corporate officer, and a manager of Phillips Total Care Pharmacy in Mauston. She has worked over 26 years in the pharmacy field with experience in the retail, long-term care, infusion therapy, hospital and military settings. Melissa’s management experience comes from her years of service as a pharmacy officer in the Wisconsin Army National Guard and United States Army Reserve from 1986-2000 and involvement of day-to- day operation since starting her internship at Phillips Pharmacy in 1991. Melissa earned her BS-pharmacy in 1991 at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and then completed her doctorate in 2003. Phillips is an innovative, cutting edge practice that has allowed Melissa to experience many areas of pharmacy as well as grow as the business adapted to the changing pharmacy environment. Melissa has been married to 21 years and has one daughter. When not at work, she enjoys running, flying and spending time at her cabin in Canada. Phillips member since November 1991.

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